What TEWNC Means

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

First, we pronounce TEWNC as "Two N.C." but feel free to pronounce it however you like! But it stands for "The Emperor Wears No Clothes," by Jack Herer which was the first comprehensive book exposing the conspiracy against cannabis - compiling an authoritative, historical record back in 1985 during a peak of the war on hemp.

He uncovered government documents and old newspapers and many more records demonstrating that Hemp was a major part of American society, and All societies throughout the world. This includes common hemp which was grown for fiber and seed, but also the India Hemp which was grown for it's medicinal resin to make hashish.

TEWNC Farms is dedicated to Mr. Herer, and his unwavering endeavor to bring cannabis back to the light of American society. We also dedicate the farm to all the Innocent, Brave Citizens of the United States of America who lost their lives for growing and saving the seeds of hemp, even when it was deadly prohibited. And to those who are still serving life in prison this present day, even in states that have legalized cannabis recreationally. 

We have been blessed by these individual's sacrifices of life, liberty, property, and pursuits of happiness to carry on the cannabis species, a seed bearing herb blessed by The Creator - without their sacrifice hemp may have become extinct.