Our Process

Proprietary Lipid Infusion

We use a proprietary lipid infusion method that ensures the highest bioavailability of CBD and other cannabinoids, resulting an almost "4-fold increase" of absorption compared to common extraction methods (view study). We only use our regenerative hemp flower grown organically in our living soil, right here on TEWNC Farms. We then infuse the resin from the hemp flower into certified organic hempseed oil. And That's it.

No solvents, additives, emulsifiers or other ingredients – Only Hemp. Our method is not the most cost effective, but it produces the highest quality, effectiveness, and results. Always made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness. We developed this method over years of research, trial and error.

Because of the effectiveness of our CBD oil using a lipid infusion, it provides real, immediate relief and wellness from stress, sleep issues, aches and more. Unlike other products which claim CBD must "build up" in your system for a few weeks until you notice a difference, ours is immediate within minutes to 30 minutes you'll experience results. We guarantee you won't be disappointed in our CBD products.