Our Farming Practices

We strictly use regenerative organic agriculture for everything grown on TEWNC Farms, because we believe that our world, food, and bodies should be healthy and that all starts with the practices used to cultivate. Much of modern agriculture is wasteful and consuming, dependent on outside inputs to maintain operations, but for millennia people have farmed, and most used sustainable or even regenerative practices

It's nothing new under the sun, but it's turning away from the constant use of persistent petroleum pesticides, fertilizers, plastics, and sequestering the carbon (the life) that is constantly being released because of conventional practices. Living organic soils produce much healthier crops, their nutrient density is much more, as well as the microbial biodiversity. 

All of the small details matter, and that's why we strictly use regenerative organics to grow our hemp (and other crops), because we love to walk barefoot in the soil, and to not worry that we are being contaminated by persistent toxins. Everything is connected, and we are all one, including a farm. It is a living breathing organism. Our goal is to promote a beneficial organism, one that regenerates our land, community, bodies, and minds.