• What is Hemp?

Hemp is an incredible plant with many possibilities and uses, one of which is for its resin that is produced from female hemp flowers.

  • What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil comes in many different options, but commonly it is hemp resin extracted from the female flowers, and emulsified into a carrier oil.

  • What is Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil refers to the a wide range of compounds derived from hemp, which have beneficial properties.

  • What is Hempseed Oil?

Hempseed Oil is pressed from hemp seeds, it doesn't contain any hemp resin. It is great for cooking, and incredibly beneficial containing the appropriate ratio of essential fatty acids of each Omega 3, 6, and 9.

  • What is Hemp Extract?

Hemp Extract is the resin from the female flowers, usually extracted using a solvent of some sort. But there are many options, from mechanical separation to the method we prefer, lipid infusion.

  • What is Lipid Infusion?

Lipid Infusion hemp is essentially an oil infusion. Hemp resin is fat soluble, so you need a solvent or another fat to extract the hemp resin. We use only certified organic hempseed oil and infuse it with our regenerative hemp flower.

  • What makes RegenCan™ Hemp different?

We do not use any additives or solvents ever. Only hemp. Using our proprietary lipid infusion method, resulting in a full-spectrum hemp oil that is almost double the absorption/bioavailability (increasing from 7-8% for common solvent extracts, to 14-15% when "encapsulated in a lipid particle").

  • Does Hemp have Health Benefits?

There are many benefits from the compounds produced by hemp. From the hemp seeds to the resin produced by female hemp flowers. But nothing is a cure all, including hemp. It does help to bring your body and mind into balance, or homeostasis.