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Hemp Flower Infused Hempseed Oil

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Regenerative Organic Practices

For Living Nutrient Dense Cannabis

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Grown With Love

We Believe in the Power of Cannabis

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RegenCan CBD Oil

Full-Spectrum Lipid-Infusion

Third-Party Lab Tested

Handmade in Small Batches

Immediate Relief & Wellness

RegenCan CBD Edibles

Immediate Relief & Wellness

Because of our lipid-infusion method, RegenCan™ CBD Oil results in a higher bioavailability (absorption rate) than solvent extracts, an almost two-fold increase. No waiting weeks for results, for it to "build up" in your system, our method provides immediate relief and welness.

RegenCan CBD Salve

Our Mission in Detail

To regenerate our community & world's health through living, nutrient dense cannabis & vegetables.

– – –

Using regenerative organic agriculture to sequester carbon, increase biodiversity, and retain water which are integral to life.

– – –

While bringing awareness and honor to those who sacrificed their lives, liberties, and fortunes saving and growing cannabis. Supporting efforts to abolish cannabis prohibition and provide freedom and opportunities to those suffering from the war on cannabis.